Organizing Punches

One of the crafting items that I love the most happens to take up the most space—punches.  Even though they take up space I know that I will never stop collecting them.  So organizing punches is always in the forefront of my mind.

In support of my growing collection I have found a storage system that works for me.  I organize my punches in three different storage containers—drawers, an over the door shoe hanger, and mesh bins.  I keep the punches that I use the most often in drawers that are next to my primary work station.

Punch 1

I store my border punches and larger or heavier punches in an over the door shoe hanger. I keep this on the inside of a closet door so they are easy to access but still out of the way.  I then put all smaller punches or more seasonal shapes into a mesh bin that I keep inside a cupboard.

Punch 2
There are so many other ways to organize your punches—hanging them on curtain rods is a very attractive way to display and store your punches, or you could hang individual punches on drawer pulls.  You could attach guttering from a home improvement store to a storage unit or wall for another creative solution. If you are lucky enough to have built in drawers in your craft room, they are the perfect spot for organizing punches.

Punch 3Punch 4

You can store smaller punches with a spice rack or other furniture piece that has small, thin shelves.  Some of the new punches on the market work really well with thin shelving.  Martha Stewart Crafts punches all sit on end and look great displayed in a row.  The slim punches that EK Success just released are lightweight and take up little space so you can fit them in a lot of different places too.

Hopefully these tips for organizing punches will help you manage your collection. Whether you have a lot of punches or just a few, there are a lot of ways you can store your punches and finding one that works for you and your space is definitely the best option.  Whichever method you choose, I do recommend planning on a little space to grow…because somehow, no matter how many punches I have, I still find myself needing just a few more!

Author: Nicole Ratzlaff

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