Hanging Hearts

Things you need:

* doublesided paper

* brads

* ribbon

* paper hole punch


To make the top two hearts:

1. Cut 4 strips each of paper in 11″, 10″, 9″, 8″, & 7″ lengths.

2. Punch a hole at each end of the strips.

3. Put strips in two piles starting with the longest to shortest.  Alternate side up.

4. Punch holes in two pieces of ribbon.

5. Put all strips together with longest strips together.  (place two strips of ribbon between longest strips of paper.)

6. Put brad through holes.

7. Flip strips around forming the top of the heart.

8. Put brad through one of the largest strips and work your way down to the shortest strip.

9. Punch a piece of ribbon and place on brad.

10. Continue adding stripes to brad with smallest of other side of strips.

11. Add more hearts as needed.

* The bottom heart is smaller and uses 10″, 9″, 8″, 7″ & 6″ strips.

Hope this all makes sense.

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