Mother’s Day gift for Mom or Grandma

Make this fun subway art for your Mom or Grandma.  Brainstorm your favorite words that describe your Mom or grandma.  Also think about some of the favorite things you do with them or favorite things she gives to you.  You can also add all the names of the kids or grandkids.

Type up the words on the computer using different fonts and color.

Cut out the words.

Next, layout the words on the 5×7 cardstock.  You can also choose a few random clipart pictures to add (hearts, a cookie jar).

After you decide on positioning, tape the words down with double-sided tape to the 5X7 piece of cardstock.  Then go to your computer and type in all the words and clipart in the design you made on the 5×7 cardstock.  You can choose to print it in black and white or you can add color to your words and clipart.  Print.

Cut a piece of pattern paper to 8 1/2 x 11.  Mount you artwork onto the pattern paper.  Frame wrap and give!

This is a great personalized gift for Mom or Grandma.

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