Paper Pumpkin Centerpiece











Rescue an old book and turn it into a stunning piece of autumn décor in a few easy steps. Remove the front and back cover of the book and draw the shape of a 1/2 pumpkin onto the first page. Place a cutting mat under about five pages and cut along the traced line using a crafts knife. Use the cut pages as a template to cut the rest of the pages.

Break the spine of the book by opening it in the center. Fold the spine back onto itself and hot-glue together; lay the book flat until the glue sets. Hot-glue the first and last pages of the book together near the spine. Secure each page with a bead of hot glue along the spine to begin forming a rounded fan shape. When you are halfway through the pages, switch to the other side of the book and repeat. Paint your pumpkin using orange and brown spray paint; add an artificial leaf and stem to finish the project.

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