Harrison, James, Cole, Owen, Nelly, James, and Porter

I have been working in the craft industry for a very long time.  Through that time I have watched many craft trends come and go.  However, handmade cards are timeless.  No matter what tools, supplies or style trends are available, making cards just keeps evolving.

I have taught craft classes for many years through three different companies.  Most recently I taught handmade cards classes at Heartland Paper Company for the past nine years.

Making cards is my creative outlet.  I enjoy the relaxation that comes through sitting down to create.  An added benefit to making cards is being able to give someone something that was made with love.  I originally started making cards because the pre-made cards in the store were getting so expensive.  After making and giving handmade cards I realized that I was able to better express my love or thoughts through something that I made myself.

I am the proud Grandma of five darling little boys and one darling little girl.  When I’m not creating new cards I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and watching them learn and grow.  I look forward to the day that I can sit down with them and teach them to craft.

Through teaching classes I have met so many wonderful people and have  made such great friends.  I look forward to sharing my love for papers and paste with you.

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